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Our story

Affordable medicine to ALL…

Delta8 Solutions has evolved from a group of like minded individuals that all feel medicine derived from cannabis should be legal in all forms to the public. We are a team composed of free thinkers each talented in one specific area of E-Commerce. Great customer service and affordable wholesale medicine is what we strive for.

Delta8-THC is 100% hemp derived and similar to Delta9-THC in many ways but without the illegality associated, for now at least. The DEA is going through great efforts to reduce access to yet another beautiful compound from cannabis. Get yours in bulk quantities today while you still can!

We have been producing hemp extracts and distillate since the beginning. With these many combined years of experience in the hemp industry we have learned to keep costs low and output large scale extracts and distillates. We are committed to a high quality product, free of any harmful substances, and AFFORDABLE for the masses.